Design Smart Trading Systems and Start Earning

Unleash the power of Machine Learning in your Trading

Smart Trading

Everything you need to know about Smart Trading is in Alphadvisor. Design, Analyze and Optimize your Expert Advisors. Create the best strategies using Artificial Intelligence. 

Design Trading Robots

You don't need to know coding to be able to design any trading robot. Create your own Trading System using your strategies in minutes or let Genbox, our AI Engine to create strategies for you. Build your 100% automated portfolio of winning robots.

Analyze your Results

Trade knowing your edges. With the analyzer you will be able to know in depth all the characteristics of your systems and portfolios. You will have all the odds in your favor to be able to maximize your benefits and minimize risks.

Optimize Parameters

Always keep the parameters of your systems sharp so that they align perfectly with the market. Using our built-in data models and the most powerful target functions. Avoid overfitting at all times.

Powered by Machine Learning

Using Alphadvisor and Genbox, its propietary Machine Learning engine you can create trading systems powered by Artificial Intelligence.

In a simple way and without programming you will be generating systems with a high probability of success in a matter of minutes.

If you still do not get results in your trading, it is time to unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence and start generating profits.

What our users say

Sergio García

Santiago, Chile.

I can safely say that it is the best tool on the market to create, design and analyze the trading systems. Simple to use and very powerful, allowing to achieve very robust trading systems.

Thanks to Alphadvisor the creation of Trading Robots is very simple. With all the tools available to you, it is possible to optimize and find the ideal configuration of our systems. Recommended for those of us who got stuck in programming.

Iván Bermejo

Cáceres, España.

Carlos Puig Sagi-Vela

Madrid, España.

Thanks to Alphadvisor I can create, analyze and "Montecarlify" my own trading robots in an agile and simple way. There is no other tool like it on the market.

A very powerful and complete tool that has allowed me to increase my profitability, create trading robots in record time and take advantage together with my investors on international financial markets.

Ismael Castillo

Ciudad de México, México.

Sebastián Grunewald

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is an incredible tool that allows me, in a simple and agile way, to make my own robots, to create my strategies without knowing how to code; and with Genbox I can create very competitive systems and find real inefficiencies in the market that would otherwise be impossible for me. Thanks to how fast and efficient it is, Genbox is really a robot factory, it is the way to have my wide and dynamic portfolio of systems!

I am excited to see how my trading accounts grow thanks to my Systems created with Genbox. The effectiveness they are achieving is incredible.

Miguel Loin

Florida, USA.

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* Create, Analyze and Optimize any Trading Robots.

* Access Alphatraders, to our private community.

YEARLY (997€)

* License for one year of use.

* Technical Support.

* Full access to Genbox, our Artificial Intelligence Engine.

LIFETIME (2997€)

* Lifetime License. Includes for FREE all future updates.



Start making profits with Alphadvisor and Genbox. 

Trade 100% Automated and start achieving amazing profits.


Do I need to know coding to use Alphadvisor?

No. Through the Builder Module you can design any robot visually, selecting its entry and exit rules as well as its risk management. Alphadvisor will generate the Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor for you directly.

What trading platforms are supported?

Alphadvisor generates MQ4 code for use on Metatrader 4.

What assets can I trade?

All CFDs listed on your broker. We recommend use it with Forex, Equity Indices and Stocks.

Can I create Trading Robots with the free version?

Yes. The free version is fully functional and also gives you the source code of the robots. You can also use the analyzer and optimizer for free.

How much can I earn from algorithmic trading?

We cannot guarantee you anything. If you use the builder to create robots you will do it with your own strategies. If you use Genbox to generate robots, our artificial intelligence will find the systems for you. Always check all systems on a demo account.

Will you help me to use the software?

After downloading Alphadvisor, you can join our private community where users will help you build your strategies and use the software. You also have a support ticket for technical problems.

Are Software Updates Free?

Yes. In all licenses you will always have the latest version 'automagically' updated.

Do I need to have knowledge of Algorithmic Trading to use Genbox?

No. It is precisely designed so that any trader can start algorithmic trading from scratch using cutting-edge technology.