Windows, Linux and Mac compatibility

Alphadvisor is designed to work on every modern Windows version.

Power users can run the app on Mac and Linux, as well. However, our technical team does not provide support on those opperating systems.

If you want to install Alphadvisor on your Mac or Linux system we recommend to use the emulators Wine and PlayOnMac. Or, alternately, you can setup a Windows virtual machine on VirtualBox.

Java setup

The last Java version must be installed to run Alphadvisor. Once installed, run the Java control panel from the Windows control panel. Select the security tab and add our URL to the exception site list, so that Java recognizes Alphadvisor as safe.

You must introduce exactly this address:

IMPORTANT: It will not work if the URL includes www.

Afterwards you should download and run the Alphadvisor installer.

Now click on the new Alphadvisor icon on your desktop to start using the app.

Connecting to Metatrader

Alphadvisor needs to be connected to a MetaTrader4 platform in order to build the Expert Advisors and make use of the custom indicators available in it.

The first time you run the app you will be asked to make this connection.

Choose the MetaTrader4 installation path in your hard drive.

This way, Alphadvisor keeps connected to MetaTrader4 and work can be normally done.

Windows keeps the MetaTrader4 data in a special roaming path, which is automatically deduced by Alphadvisor. In the case of having a non-roaming MetaTrader path, it can be selected from the menu Options -> Path type.

The path of the linked MetaTrader4 can be opened from the menu File -> Open MetaTrader path.

Uninstalling Alphadvisor

In order to uninstall Alphadvisor, run the Java control panel from the Windows control panel or searching Java in the Windows search tool.

Click on the View… button within the general tab.

You will see the Java Cache Viewer, where every Java app installed in your computer is shown.

Select the Alphadvisor app and then click on the red cross icon.

Creating an Alphadvisor desktop shortcut

If the shortcut is not automatically created, or it was removed by mistake, we can restore it by following these steps:

We run the Java control panel and click on the View button.

Then the Java cache viewer will open, showing every Java app installed in your computer.

We select the Alphadvisor app and click on the create shortcut button of the upper menu. The shortcut will then appear on the desktop.

Uninstalling Java

To uninstall Java we need first to disable temporarily the Windows Defender antivirus. Open the Windows Defender security center and set off the real-time protection.

Then go to the official Java website and download the Java installer. Run it and choose Remove.